Instructions for reporting a website URL in a "spam" email

*note: These instructions are for a right handed mouse.

Copy & Paste

  • Simply place your mouse pointer over the URL link or linked pic / graphic contained in the suspect email.

  • Click the right mouse button to bring up the options window.

  • Select "Copy link target to clipboard" with the left mouse button.

  • Go to our report form and click on the "Suspect Site URL" box with the left mouse button. (there should now be a blinking cursor in this box)

  • With your mouse cursor over the "Suspect Site URL" box click the right mouse button again to bring up the options window and select "Paste" with the left mouse button.

  • The suspect URL contained in the email should now appear in the "Suspect Site URL" box in our report form. Continue to fill out the rest of the form with any further information you may have and click Submit Report.

Close this window when finished to return to the Report page or FAQ page.