Protect Your Rights by Protecting Children.

Why We're Here:

ASACP Foundation was formed to protect children online and to demonstrate to legislators and lawmakers that law-abiding citizens can and should have access to adult entertainment while protecting minors from being exposed to the content.

What's It To You:

Without organizations like the ASACP Foundation, people who enjoy adult entertainment online are grouped into the "bad" segment by opponents of legal exploitation. This means that an act against child exploitation or site access to minors can easily become an act against all exploitation, against all site access, against you.

What You Can Do:

Donate ! Your generous contribution will help convey a message to policy makers: we, the people want our adult entertainment. We, the people truly care about children and want to protect them from being exploited by predatory influences. We also believe it's called adult entertainment for a reason and want to make sure children do not see content that is not intended for their eyes.

Protect the Kids. Protect Your Rights.
Right Here. Right Now.

Where You Can Donate:


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