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Adult webmaster communities join ASACP

ASACP is extremely proud to announce the addition of 6 prominent adult webmaster communities to its list of official members.

AVN Online, Netpond, Web Overdrive, On The Ropes, Adult Netsurprise and The AdultWebmaster have joined ASACP in its fight against child pornography.

In order to aggressively pursue purveyors of child pornography, Helmy Enterprises has opened a new forum on this subject. Webmasters are encouraged to actively voice their views and opinions at the forum. From these discussions ideas will evolve that will help ASACP attain its goal, which in turn will have a much deeper impact on our community.

Official ASACP Forum



"HELMY and the ASACP have demonstrated a firm commitment to stemming the flow of child pornography onto the Internet. Their history of successful involvement, with the help of their members, in removing such sites from the Net places them among the industry's finest advocates."

- Grace Samsa, AVN Online



"Netpond has been using direct links to Customs on all of our boards for any reporting of Child Porn. In fact, you'll find alot of Webmaster Resources do that. After Cyber Net Expo, and the forum we had to combat Child Porn, I can only draw one conclusion. We need a focal point. Fragmented chaos is all I can say about the way all of us (Adult Webmasters) combat Child Porn. My way is better, NO, their way is better, and so it goes. I'm not here to say what is better, I'm not here to accuse anyone of doing something or anything at all. All I want is for all of us to get together with one voice and eradicate Child Pornography off the World Wide Web. Period. Netpond is the largest Adult Webmaster Organization on the Web with close to 4500 members. Each of our Members will be contacted and asked to join ASACP. Netpond will join ASACP and will fly ASACP banners proudly on our most trafficked pages, our Webmaster Boards. From our Main Boards, to our Newbie Boards, 12 Boards in total. When asked what's the first thing you think about when you hear Netpond, Message Boards are always the answer. We will get the word out the best way Netpond can."

- Anthony, Netpond



"WebOverdrive has joined ASACP for a very simple reason - fighting child porn on the internet is the responsibility of every internet user. We strive to teach webmasters how to build profitable, successful websites but in addition to that, we also try to teach them how to do business in an ethical, professional manner. ASACP practices what we preach. They don't fall into the trap of trying to "clean up" the industry, they don't push their beliefs on anyone, they simply work quietly, effectively in the background doing what all of us should be doing - fighting child porn. This is a cancer for all of us, and I can think of no better way of fighting it than unifying with an organization who has been doing it for years with no glory."

- Snoops, Web Overdrive



"OnTheRopes is proud to be a member of ASACP due to the integrity and commitment of this organization to combat child pornography on the web. As a grassroot activist, there is no way to extinguish child pornography from either the brick and mortar world or on the internet. But, we can take actions as a united front by raising awareness, and reducing the opportunities for this cancer to continue its malignancy. Taking a stance and advocating the reporting of child porn is the first step, and we join the ASACP in their mission statement, and look forward to doing all we can to stop the exploitation of children on the web. This effort has to unify one webmaster at time, and OnTheRopes.Com is present and accounted for."

- Lee Noga, On The Ropes



"Adult NetSurprise is proud to join ASACP - Adult Sites Against Child Pornography. After the recent open forum concerning Child Pornography at the CyberNetExpo Adult Internet Conference in New Orleans and listening to all parties concerned, it is our opinion that ASACP has been and will continue to be the most effective organization in the fight against the exploitation of children with it's reporting of child porn websites to the appropriate authorities. Adult NetSurprise urges all webmasters and Internet companies that have not already joined ASACP to do so."

- Kaiser, Adult Netsuprise



"The ADULTWEBMASTER Magazine is proud to join ASACP in the fight against child pornography on the internet. We recognize the achievements of ASACP over the years and look forward to contributing our efforts to assist in the eradication of child pornography online."



"We feel extremely privileged and proud to have such prominent names support our cause. This is definitely a milestone in ASACP's history."

- Alec Helmy, Helmy Enterprises, Inc.



For the legal definitions of child pornography please visit: