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105 Child porn websites removed

ASACP (Adult Sites Against Child Pornography) celebrates the new millenium ! A non profit site created in 1996 by HELMY Enterprises, Inc., A.S.A.C.P. stands for Adult Sites Against Child Pornography. A.S.A.C.P. has grown to become the largest organization of it's kind. A.S.A.C.P's main goal has been to raise awareness about the subject of Child Pornography and to gather a large number of adult sites which will support it in the fight against such acts. Its Members include some of the most well known and established adult sites on the web such as Persian Kitty, Cybererotica, and YNOT Network along with over 700 other adult websites. Since it's inception, A.S.A.C.P. has investigated and assisted the U.S. Customs Service in enforcing anti-child pornography laws against thousands of child pornography websites! "We are very proud of our achievements and we'll continue to battle such vile crimes." said Alec Helmy, President of HELMY Enterprises, Inc.

A.S.A.C.P. currently receives 15 - 20 child pornography reports a day. Out of these over 200 child pornography websites were reported to the U.S. Customs Service in December 1999 and 105 of these websites have already been removed from the internet. This is a significant contribution in the fight against child pornography, that is made each and every month. We would like to thank all participating adult websites as well as all of those people that have reported sites in the past. We hope to continue to grow and contribute to the fight against child pornography into the new millennium.

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