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Industry Alert: Another Potentially Underage Performer
Canoga Park, CA (September 13, 2005) — The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) and the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) have received information to the effect that a male performer working under the name Brent Corrigan was underage while performing. The only information we have at this time includes the aforementioned stage name, the allegation that the individual was 17 years old at the time of filming but has since turned 18, and four gay-themed titles he is alleged to have performed in as a minor.

The titles in question were produced by Cobra Video, distributed by Pacific Sun Entertainment, and include:
  • Bareboned Twinks
  • Casting Couch 4
  • Every PoolBoy′s Dream
  • School Boy Crush
The Free Speech Coalition recommends that until the facts in this case are clarified, all above titles and promotional materials should be immediately removed from circulation and distribution, and all content, online and offline, that contains the performer named Brent Corrigan should be removed and sealed for attorney review and consultation. As the Free Speech Coalition gets additional information, we will post it on our Website.

Free Speech Coalition is the trade organization of the adult entertainment industry. Its mission is to safeguard the industry from oppressive governmental regulation and to promote good business practices within the industry.

The ASACP mission is to help the online entertainment industry, including adult entertainment, in its ongoing efforts to battle CP on the Internet through its CP reporting hotline. In addition, ASACP provides a self-regulatory vehicle for its adult entertainment members through a Code of Ethics that promotes the protection of children through responsible, professional business practices.

For further information visit the ASACP site ( or contact Joan Irvine at