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BadPuppy Sponsors ASACP
Los Angeles, CA - (November 1, 2005) - Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is pleased to announce that Badpuppy Enterprises, Inc. is supporting its mission as a Corporate Sponsor
Badpuppy ( is a pioneer in the Gay Adult Internet Industry, having celebrated its 10th Anniversary online as a membership website in May of this year. The website existed prior as an online BBS, long before the Internet was what it is today.

Badpuppy has always operated its business in a professional manner, operating with the highest of standards and moral values. Protection of the children has been at the forefront at all times, whether it is insuring that all models appearing on the Badpuppy website are 18 years or older, or insuring that no adult content can be accessed or viewed by children outside of our Badpuppy member firewall.

"We've never seen the necessity, as others have, to show adult content in unprotected areas in which to pre-sell their product or service. We've never crossed that line and never will. It's because of our firm stance and strong feelings of protecting the children that we could not be any prouder to sponsor and support the ASACP Organization", states Lisa Turner, long time Marketing & Advertising Administrator and Assistant to Company President and CEO Bill Pinyon.

"Badpuppy is a good example of professionalism in the industry. Obviously, with their 10 year history of success, this company has maintained a high level of business standards and had a plan for longevity which included the protection of children. In addition to supporting ASACP by becoming a Sponsor, Badpuppy Enterprises, Inc. also offered to inform others about the ASACP mission of child protection. This will be extremely helpful and far reaching since their sphere of influence is quite large. They have various webmaster resources sites, several directories, affiliates programs, community sites and host adult sites. We are honored to have Badpuppy as a Sponsor and appreciate their support," said Joan Irvine, Executive Director, ASACP.

ASACP is the organization that helps the adult site industry makes a difference in the battle against child pornography. In addition to its hotline, ASACP provides a self-regulatory vehicle for its members through a Code of Ethics that promotes the protection of children through responsible, professional business practices. ASACP has been named to the 2005 Associations Advance America Honor Roll, a national awards competition sponsored by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), Washington, DC (

If you are one of the more than 5,700 sites that take a stand against child pornography by displaying the ASACP logo but are not a Sponsor or a recently signed-up Approved Member or Supporter, please take advantage of the new benefits.

For further information, visit the ASACP site ( or contact Joan Irvine,