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PPPCard Sponsors ASACP at Corporate Level

Los Angeles, CA - (November 28, 2005) – Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is pleased to announce that PPPCard ( is supporting its mission as a Corporate Sponsor.

PPPCard, a prepaid card that offers online Adult entertainment consumers secure, private and hassle-free access to the Internet`s top adult sites and content providers the freedom from chargebacks and credit card fraud.

PPPCard takes seriously the protection of children as a matter of policy. They comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Their contracts with their providers require specific representations that the content fully complies with all laws, including those pertaining to child pornography and verifying the age of those individuals who purchase their cards. PPPCard supports public service campaigns, such as those from ASACP, seeking to educate parents and ensure that they speak to and monitor their children’s activities; not just on the Internet, but in general.

"PPPCard maintains strict acceptance measures in our partner site program. We stand side by side with ASACP in our dedication to eliminating child pornography from the INTERNET. PPPCard prides itself on having created a safe and secure way for users to view adult content online," stated Greg Moss, President of PPPCard.

“ASACP has their recommended Best Practices for its members to follow and PPPCard has taken the steps to make sure all their websites meet and maintain specific quality control measures before being considered as customers. Today more than ever, everyone needs to know where their content is coming from and who their consumers are. We don’t want kids to have access to adult pornography. It really is a case of ‘Protecting Your Business by protecting Children,“ professed Joan Irvine, Executive Director of ASACP.

ASACP is the organization that helps the Adult site industry make a difference in the battle against child pornography. In addition to its hotline, ASACP provides a self-regulatory vehicle for its members through a Code of Ethics that promotes the protection of children through responsible, professional business practices

If you are one of the more than 5,800 sites that take a stand against child pornography by displaying the ASACP logo, but are not yet a Sponsor or a recently signed-up Approved Member or Supporter, please take advantage of the new benefits. Visit the following page to join today - .

For further information, visit the ASACP site ( or contact Joan Irvine,