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Read ASACP FAQS Before Reporting Suspect Child Pornography

Los Angeles - (August 26, 2004) - ASACP is an organization that helps the adult website industry make a difference in the battle against child pornography. ASACP received 5,800 suspect child pornography reports in July, 2004. That is an average of 187 reports per day for July and a 15% increase over June. There were 240 new suspect sites reported to the FBI, NCMEC and European hotlines.

ASACP has experienced an increase in the number of reports received during the past month, but a decrease in the number of validated reports sent on to authorities and hotlines. This, coupled with a substantial increase in the numbers of email reports and inquiries regarding issues that are covered on our FAQ page , leads ASACP to conclude that many people are reporting sites and making inquiries without first consulting the FAQ page. It is the policy of ASACP not to respond to questions that are answeredon the FAQ page. Similarly, ASACP does not respond to reports sent by email. All reports sent by email will be fully investigated, but a response will only be sent if the report is made using the ASACP report form found on our site - and accompanied by a valid return email address.

"It is very important to consult the FAQ page before reporting a suspect site, especially if it is the first report you have made to ASACP. The answers to most common questions can be found there, as well as important information regarding how and where to report various types of suspected internet child pornography," said Tim Henning, Compliance Manager and Site Reviewer, ASACP.

"We understand that it is very upsetting to view such images, that one wants to immediately do something about it, and that it is frustrating not to be able to do so. The ASACP staff has dealt with viewing these horrendous images on a daily basis since 1996. This is why we continue to automate the processes as funds become available. Next to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (, ASACP receives more reports than most other international hotlines. If one considers that NCMEC is supportedby the government (over $20 M of their $26 M budget) and the ASACP budget is less than 1% of this, what ASACP has done with limited resources and the support of the industry is quite incredible. However, we are always working to improve our services. For example, since we need to rely even more on the FAQ, Theresa,, has volunteered to review it and the Reporting page to make it more `user friendly.` A big thanks to Theresa for her help," said Joan Irvine, executive director, ASACP.

More than 5700 sites that take a stand against child pornography proudly display the ASACP logo. If you are interested in learning more about ASACP or helping in the fight against child pornography, please view the ASACP site ( ) or email

For further information, contact: Joan Irvine,