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ASACP Announces Promotions

Los Angeles, CA (October 4, 2007) – The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is pleased to announce that Tim Henning has been named Director of Compliance and Technology and that Dawn Yagielowicz has been promoted to Membership Manager.

“Both Tim and Dawn have contributed so much to ASACP. They have truly given of themselves in order to help us to achieve our mission,” stated Executive Director Joan Irvine. “I am excited about their vision for ASACP and in their new capacities I know they will help us to be even more effective in the future.”

A lot has changed since ASACP’s online child pornography reporting hotline began in 1996 but the one constant has been Tim Henning. As the first ASACP employee Henning started off reviewing the 10 to 15 reports that came through the hotline each day – currently the hotline averages 150 reports a day. Over the last 11 years as ASACP has grown so has Henning’s responsibilities. In addition to running the hotline, Henning has supervised the website, membership and all technical matters.

Henning is also a member of the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography – Analytics Working Group (FCACP-AWG). It is his recent work the FCACP-AWG that has been really inspiring. “What drives me to continue doing the job is the possibility that it will help save children and bring some of the criminals responsible for these horrific crimes to justice,” stated Henning. “FCACP’s goal is to end child pornography in 2008 and I’m proud of the work we are accomplishing.” Henning’s vast and varied technological knowledge has insured that ASACP remains vital in its efforts to protect children on the internet.

As the mother of three children Dawn Yagielowicz has always been concerned with children’s safety and therefore it’s no surprise that she’s been a longtime ASACP supporter and volunteer. In 2006 Yagielowicz officially joined the ASACP staff and since then she has been responsible for continually monitoring member websites for compliance issues as well as working closely with sponsors and supporters to facilitate their membership process.

Yagielowicz commented, “I really enjoy working for ASACP and truly feel honored and privileged to be a part of such a dedicated team. Executive Director Joan Irvine’s enthusiasm is inspiring - the team always ready to help, and the sponsors and supporters are among the best people in the business – Sure, it almost sounds like a commercial, but I deeply care about ASACP and sincerely support its mission!” With her recent promotion to Membership Manager, Yagielowicz will be further expanding her role at ASACP to help the organization grow into the future.

Founded in 1996, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating child pornography from the Internet. ASACP also works to help parents prevent children from viewing age-inappropriate material online. Companies and individuals interested in supporting ASACP may go to for more information on how to get involved.