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Sponsors Continue Their Support of ASACP

Los Angeles - (December 1, 2003) - AVNOnline, Epoch,, XBiz, ARS, ATK, MaxCash, TopBucks, and were the first companies to support ASACP by becoming Sponsors last fall. ASACP is pleased to announce that all of these companies have agreed to continue their support for another year. ATK even increased their support by upgrading to the Title Sponsor level.

Quotes from ASACP Sponsors:

We`re pleased to see the industry come together to support ASACP`s cause. Because of the contributions from the industry, ASACP has been able to focus on building the resources required to better combat child pornography on the net, as well as establishing stronger relations with government agencies. When we established ASACP seven years ago, we knew that its mission was important to both the battle against child pornography and the reputation of the professional adult industry. - Alec Helmy, President, Helmy Enterprises.

" is happy again to be a large financial and spiritual supporter of ASACP. We are doing a great job of focusing on our core mission of helping children. While we might have been a big supporter, ASACP could not have expanded in the last year without hundreds of others. We are proud to sit on the board of ASACP, as well as continue making inroads into governments and other stakeholders to wipe out the scourge of child pornography." - Gary Kremen, CEO,

There is no greater cause than the eradication of child pornography, and no more important time spent than that which furthers that end. AVN Online is proud of its support of Adult Sites Against Child Pornography, and even more proud of all the other members and supporters who have helped make it such an effective tool in the global fight against the proliferation of child pornography. It is our hope that the coming months and years will see more cooperation between adult online professionals and federal, state and local governments, resulting in more prosecutions, and we continue to pledge our support in any way we can. - Tom Hymes, Editor in Chief, AVN Online.

Since 2002, Epoch has been a Founding Sponsor of Adult Sites Against Child Pornography (ASACP). As a sponsor, we have been very happy to see the success and progression of an organization which offers such a valuable service. ASACP provides webmasters and surfers a reputable organization where they may report suspected abuse of children online. We applaud its success over the last year in its efforts to help protect children and fight abuse of children online. - Rand Pate, Director of Corporate Communications, Epoch.

"ATK is very pleased to be able to increase our level of support to ASACP in the form of a Title sponsorship. The battle against child pornography is obviously an extremely important one and so we would like to encourage other sites to provide support to ASACP. ASACP has a noble charter and by supporting them we can all help in eradicating these heinous crimes against children and help ensure that only adults are involved in adult entertainment." - Kim Nielsen, President and CEO of ATK.

Max Cash is honored to help an organization such as ASACP continue in it`s growth. The abiding support of all ASACP sponsors only helps us all fight the battle and with ASACP leading the way, we are confident that progress will be swift. - Alyssa Smythe, Vice President of Marketing, MaxCash.

"In the last year, ASACP has made great strides in combating the scourge of child pornography on the net, and has served as an excellent representative for the adult internet industry. As our industry comes under increasing scrutiny from the federal government, it is more important than ever that we present a strong, united voice opposing the exploitation of children, and ASACP is leading the way. TopBucks is proud to once again sponsor ASACP and lend our support in the fight against child pornography." - Quentin Boyer Marketing Director of Cyberheat Inc. (

"ARS is proud to renew its title sponsorship and supports ASACP`s mission to stamp out child pornography on the Internet. Heinous acts against children are unacceptable and negatively affect all of us in the adult industry. If we expect to win this battle and protect the legality of responsible adult entertainment, we need an effective and credible ASACP," said John Valigorsky, ARS VP of Marketing and Customer Service.

It was because of their initial financial support that ASACP was able to accomplish many of its goals in this last year ( For example, when ASACP exhibited at Internext in Las Vegas in January, it provided additional visibility to its mission and attracted other companies to support ASACP. Even the government is taking notice of how the industry is self-regulating through the Approved Member program. I want to thank all the Sponsors. Each of them have contributed more than money, they have contributed their time and expertise. They are always available to discuss the various issues about how to combat child pornography, said Joan Irvine, executive director - ASACP.

ASACP is an organization helping the adult site industry make a difference in the battle against child pornography. Over 4700 sites that are taking a stand against child pornography proudly display the ASACP logo. If you are interested in learning more about ASACP or helping in the fight against child pornography, please view the ASACP site ( ) or email

For further information, contact: Joan Irvine,