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ASACP to be Featured at XBIZ Conference 2009

Los Angeles, CA (February 5, 2009) – The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) will be represented at the upcoming XBIZ State of the Industry Conference 2009.

The XBIZ State of the Industry Conference ’09 will be held February 10-12th in Woodland Hills, CA. The conference will take place at the Warner Center Marriott and will feature intensive workshops, seminars and networking opportunities. ASACP’s CEO Joan Irvine will moderate a seminar panel entitled “Agenda of the New U.S. Administration” on Tuesday, Feb. 10th from 2 - 3 pm.

Will the adult entertainment industry see a real difference with the Obama Administration than it did from either W. Bush's or Clinton's? Can we expect to see laws and regulations that protect free speech, or is it really all about the Supreme Court? Irvine, and other Washington insiders, will assess the political scene and how it relates to the Adult Industry.

“As Greg Piccionelli predicted last year, in his open letter to the Industry, the focus of child protection could shift to being about actually protecting children instead of attacks against the Industry under the guise of child protection. This prediction seems to be coming true with COPA being officially put to rest and the results of The Internet Safety Technical Taskforce Study which show that age verification, labeling, and other technical solutions cannot take the place of good parenting,” said Irvine. “The Adult Industry is in a unique position to have a voice in future legislation on possible regulation and this seminar will provide valuable information about how you can protect your business.”

Later that week, ASACP will present its annual Service Recognition Award during the 2009 XBIZ Awards event. Past recipients of ASACP’s Service Recognition Award include Fiona Patten and Robbie Swan of The Eros Association, attorneys Greg Piccionelli and Lawrence Walters, technical consultant Brandon Shalton of Cydata Services, and ASACP Technology and Forensic Research Director Tim Henning.

Founded in 1996, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating child pornography from the Internet. ASACP also works to help parents prevent children from viewing age-inappropriate material online. Companies and individuals interested in supporting ASACP may go to for more information on how to get involved.