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SEX.COM Extends ASACP Joint Promotion

LOS ANGELES, CA - July 24, 2003 Sex.Com has extended the joint promotionwith Adult Sites Against Child Pornography (ASACP - untilJuly 30th. ASACP is the premier organization helping the adult siteindustry to make a difference in the battle against child pornography.Sex.Com ( ) is the leading source of targeted adult traffic forwebmasters. Sex.Com is a Founding Sponsor (the highest level ofsponsorship) and on the Advisory Council of ASACP.

If Webmasters apply for ASACP Approved Membership by July 30th, Sex.Comwill pay $150.00 of the $300.00 annual contribution at the Guardian level.To take advantage of this special promotion, webmasters must deposit$500.00 into their Sex.Com account for text, banners or traffic from anycountry.

In addition, last week ASACP announced their `Pledge`campaign atInternext-Hollywood during which it is asking people to pledge to becomeApproved Members, Sponsors or make a financial contribution. ASACP willinclude the name of everyone who pledges into the drawing for an annualASACP Corporate Sponsorship (value - $5,000) for 12 months, effectiveSeptember 1st. ASACP will offer this to the people who applied formembership during the promotion.

To get started, webmasters need only apply to become an ASACP ApprovedMember using a referral code of `Sex.Com` If approved, webmasters are notified andproceed to make a $500.00 deposit into their Sex.Com account. Lastly,ASACP will email webmasters with information on how to make the $150promotional contribution to become a member.

ASACP introduced a new Approved ASACP Member Program this year, which hasbeen expanded to meet the increasing demand for its services andcommitment to the needs of its members and supporters. The program reviewsand monitors all member sites to ensure compliance with its Code ofEthics. Approved Members are recognized in the ASACP Member Directory ( Grant Media, LLC, the exclusive licensee of Sex.Com, is an invaluablesupporter of ASACP as they are proactively involved in the battle againstchild pornography. Sex.Com has set the ASACP standard for search engines.If someone searches on an unacceptable term that denotes childpornography, Sex.Com redirects the surfer to an ASACP link. They are alsodeveloping software that will enable anyone to determine if a term isdeemed unacceptable according to ASACP`s Code of Ethics. This softwarelinks to the database of unacceptable terms in 40 languages, which Sex.comlicenses to ASACP for free.


ASACP ( is an organization helping the adult site industry to make a difference in the battle against child pornography. Over 4000 adult sites that are taking a stand against child pornography proudly display the ASACP logo. If you are interested in learning more about ASACP or helping in the fight against child pornography, please contact us.


Sex.Com ( , wholly owned and operated by Grant Media, LLC, is the premium adult Internet search engine, receiving on average 150,000- 200,000 unique users and 400,000+ page-views daily. A majority of the traffic is type-in adult traffic; many are first time surfers looking for specific adult content. Additionally distributes its search results and banners to over 25 other search engines internationally. Sex.Com is committed to maintaining a leadership position in the quality of our products and services. As a result of its strong adherence to the laws and practices in the global Internet community, Sex.Com is able to ensure a safe, stable and growing online advertising environment.

For more information, please contact:

ASACPJoan Irvine,, (323) 965-1400Grant Media, LLC / Sex.comJoanna Posner,, (858) 492-9447