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ASACP Receives Over 3500 Reports; Many International

Los Angeles - (July 11, 2003) - Adult Sites Against Child Pornography (ASACP) received over 3500 suspect child pornography reports in May and reported over 100 sites to the authorities. The majority of the reports are about non US-based sites; therefore, the FBI has to work with many international Law Enforcement Agencies.

"In order to address this international problem, ASACP is working with a company to develop software that will allow it to automatically transmit reports to the hotlines in various countries. We hope that this will speed up the process and help the authorities to apprehend these criminals. This software should be installed in a few months," said Joan Irvine, Executive Director, ASACP.

ASACP is an organization helping the adult site industry to make a difference in the battle against child pornography. Over 4000 adult sites that are taking a stand against child pornography proudly display the ASACP logo. If you are interested in learning more about ASACP or helping in the fight against child pornography, please view the ASACP site (

For further information, contact: Joan Irvine,