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Helmy Recognized by the Los Angeles Division of the FBI

Los Angeles - (April 1, 2003) - On April 1, 2003, Alec Helmy and his staff received a letter of appreciation for their efforts to combat child pornography from the Los Angeles Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Excerpts from the F.B.I. letter

"The Los Angeles Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation would like to thank you for your outstanding assistance. As you know, our Crimes Against Children program within the Los Angeles Division is attempting to combat child pornography on the Internet. Your help on these investigations has been essential.

Recently your efforts have provided us with valuable information. This information has identified several possible child pornography websites. Most importantly, your efforts have led to cooperation with other individuals with important information about individuals selling illegal images of children.

Your efforts have led to many positive results and what will hopefully be a productive effort to stem the exploitation of children."

Alec Helmy, President of Helmy Enterprises, established Adult Sites Against Child Pornography (ASACP) in 1996 because he saw that the media labeled the adult site industry as the cause for child pornography. Helmy wanted to provide a channel for the industry to report suspect child pornography as a testimony to its vigilance against it.

Helmy is pleased that their efforts are truly making a difference. I want to thank everyone for their support during the last seven years. It has been a joint industry effort. This letter is an important step - the FBI acknowledging that the people who work with ASACP are serious in their commitment to combat child pornography. We have proved that by working together, we can be effective in eliminating these illegal and horrific images from the Internet. This letter of appreciation belongs to all the supporters of ASACP, says Helmy.

Over 3000 adult sites that are taking a stand against child pornography proudly displayed the ASACP logo. If you are interested in learning more about ASACP or helping in the fight against child pornography, please view the ASACP site ( or email

Joan Irvine