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ASACP Continues European Expansion with London Outreach

LOS ANGELES (May 5, 2011) — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is pleased to announce that it is continuing its expansion into the European Union.

As part of the initiative to bring its award-winning child protection technology to a worldwide audience, ASACP’s Interim Director, Tim Henning, a digital forensics expert, will travel to London to attend a series of upcoming events. Included in this whirlwind trip are the AITA and FOSI EU meetings; the London Gathering; along with an ASACP EU Advisory Council Meeting.

“ASACP is committed to reaching a global audience,” Henning stated. “This involves more than translations of our sites to improve their accessibility to non-English-speaking users.”

“For example,” Henning added, “Our European outreach allows us to network with other hotlines, enabling the association to both help and benefit from these other child protection advocacy groups.”

In furtherance of these efforts, Henning will participate in the FOSI EU event. According to the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), its European Conference will include discussions around privacy, data retention, mobile usage, digital citizenship, research findings and public policy developments in the U.S., U.K. and Europe.

Bridging the realm of child protection with the world of adult entertainment, ASACP will also reach out to industry members in London; such as with the Adult Industry Trade Association (AITA), where Henning will attend a special event, meeting with other participants to discuss how supporting ASACP is not only the right thing to do, but is a proven way of serving their business interests.

The latest installment of the London Gathering, an informal get-together of adult entertainment industry members sponsored by Wister and Itelebill, offers ASACP an effective method of connecting with adult business owners from the U.K. and beyond. Association reps will also be on hand at XBIZ EU, a major event slated for London in September.

Primarily supported by sponsor and membership fees as well as donations to its Foundation, ASACP is at the forefront of helping stakeholders, including legitimate adult entertainment content providers, with child-protection services that also protect businesses.

“One major action area is the spreading of the Restricted To Adults (RTA) website label and its associated technologies, such as RTA for mobile apps,” Henning offered. “By providing a workable solution to the problem of children’s access of age-restricted content, RTA could open new doors and pave the way to new opportunities for mobile content service providers.”

Capping Hennning’s London trip is an ASACP EU Advisory Council Meeting, which will help shape the course of the association’s ongoing expansion within the European Union.

Founded in 1996, ASACP is a non-profit organization dedicated to online child protection.
ASACP is comprised of two separate corporate entities, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection and the ASACP Foundation. The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization. ASACP manages a membership program that provides resources to companies in order to help them protect children online. The ASACP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The ASACP Foundation battles child pornography through its CP Reporting Hotline and helps parents prevent children from viewing age-restricted material online with its Restricted To Adults (RTA) website label ( ASACP has invested nearly 15 years in developing progressive programs to protect children, and its relationship in assisting the adult industry’s child protection efforts is unparalleled. For more information, visit