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ASACP Honors CAM4, iWantClips, 7 Veils Media as Featured Sponsors for November

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 1, 2022) — ASACP, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection, is pleased to name CAM4, iWantClips, and 7 Veils Media as Featured Sponsors for November 2022.

ASACP’s Featured Sponsors rank among the digital media industry’s most respected companies. These industry leaders demonstrate how corporate responsibility, ethical business practices, and several simple technical measures can help protect minors and other sensitive users from accidental exposure to age-restricted materials online.

As a nonprofit association, ASACP relies on the continued support of the companies and organizations willing to assume a proactive leadership role in the fight to protect children from online harm.

“Working together to protecting children and vulnerable groups, industry leaders and other stakeholders can improve the enjoyment and safety of internet surfing for everyone,” said ASACP Executive Director Tim Henning. “ASACP’s diverse family of sponsors reflects the wide range of entities that support our efforts to protect the innocence of youth.”

ASACP’s remarkable successes are made possible by its sponsors’ guidance and support. These include free child protection resources, market-specific Best Practices, and a comprehensive Code of Ethics for app and age-restricted website publishers. Positioned at the pinnacle of ASACP’s achievements is its RTA (Restricted To Adults) meta-labeling system that prevents children’s access to adult-oriented web pages and apps; and its CP Reporting Tipline, which has processed more than 1 million reports to date.

As with all ASACP services, these tools are accessible to publishers thanks to the generosity of its sponsors, including November’s Featured Sponsors — CAM4, iWantClips, and 7 Veils Media.


An ASACP Title Sponsor and Advisory Council Member whose support extends back to 2012, is vigilant about online child protection due to its live video chat sites where minors may attempt to access these platforms. In addition, minors may also misrepresent their age in an attempt to become paid performers.

The global nature of this business (with varying documentation requirements in different jurisdictions) and the physical separation between the company and its contractors make it a daunting proposition to ensure that performers, let alone viewers are of legal age. Because of these challenges, ASACP offers a stringent set of Best Practices tailored to the specific needs of live cam site operators, which CAM4 incorporates. CAM4 also takes additional measures such as using the RTA label to block children from its site, illustrating a caring, proactive approach to keeping children safe.

These steps also include a warning page alerting viewers that no CP is present and that anyone posting or seeking underage material will be reported to authorities, with the company aiding in prosecuting these users. This step sends a clear message that CAM4 will not tolerate children on its site.


An online portal that unites amateur, fetish, and professional content producers with fans of female domination and financial domination content, iWantClips has become a top destination for end-users seeking this premium content, uploaded by the site’s verified content creators — putting it on the frontline of the need for online child protection.

“We are pleased to support ASACP,” said a spokesperson for iWantClips. “Our pledge to be an annual Corporate Sponsor affirms our commitment to keeping age-restricted content away from children.”

As part of this effort, iWantClips features an adult content warning “pop up” as well as resources for parents who wish to also take an active role in keeping their children safe online.

7 Veils Media

An In-Kind Media Sponsor since 2013, 7 Veils is the premier social media marketing firm for the adult entertainment industry. The company builds Twitter, Instagram, and other strategies to integrate with a client’s overall marketing campaign and assists ASACP in broadening and refining its social media initiatives.

“The adult industry is a leader in child protection and advocacy, and it is 7 Veils privilege to be the social media outlet for this important work,” 7 Veils founder Lauren MacEwen explains. “7 Veils chose ASACP specifically because we deeply value a need to protect our children from sexual exploitation, be it overt or subtly concealed, and 7 Veils is proud to provide the social media management for this extremely important organization.”

MacEwen is the 2015 Recipient of the ASACP Service Recognition Award.

“ASACP appreciates CAM4, iWantClips, and 7 Veils Media for their commitment, generosity, and leadership in supporting the association and its mission to keep children out of and away from adult-oriented content,” Henning concluded. “ASACP’s sponsors are united in building a better future for the industry and society’s most vulnerable members. We thank them for this and encourage others to join our crusade on behalf of the children.”

To learn more about how your company can protect itself by protecting children, email


Founded in 1996, ASACP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to online child protection. ASACP comprises two separate entities, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection and the ASACP Foundation. ASACP is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization that manages a membership program that provides resources to companies to help them protect minors online. The ASACP Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization responsible for the CP Reporting Tipline and RTA (Restricted To Adults) website labeling system.

ASACP has invested 26 years in developing progressive programs to protect minors, and its relationship in assisting the digital media industry’s child protection efforts is unparalleled. For more information, visit