1. Make a good faith effort to comply with the current standard of recordkeeping of the US Government.
  2. State in a prominent position on all access pages including, but not limited to: entry, home, splash and join pages, that All models were 18 or older at the time of depiction.
  3. In cases where an occasional model is over 18, but looks younger, the statement that The models are 18 or older should be prominently displayed on each featured page.
  4. Label your website as "adult" using an established labeling system such as ASACP's RTA "Restricted to Adults" Website Label and other meta data recognizable by filtering software, browsers, etc.
  5. Review sites which direct traffic to your site and parse those which feature Unacceptable Terms.
  6. Promptly report incidences of suspected child exploitation to ASACP.
  7. Do business with companies that comply with the ASACP Code of Ethics.
  8. Display an ASACP Member button on your site as a testimonial that your site does not contain nor condone child exploitation.
  9. It is unacceptable to use meta tags, any search engine keywords, or text that denote child exploitation, such as this list of Unacceptable Terms (scanned for in 20 languages).