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ASACP Returns to Romania for Bucharest Summit

LOS ANGELES (May 22, 2023) — ASACP, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection will return to Romania, where it will once again participate in the Bucharest Summit.

Taking over the five-star Radisson Blu Hotel from May 30 through June 1, the 2023 return of the Bucharest Summit unites the adult digital media and live cam communities with affiliates and fans alike, with a robust conference schedule, numerous parties, and awards show.

“Bucharest Summit prides itself as being the hub of business conferences in Romania, as Bucharest itself is one of the industry’s leading hotspots in Europe today,” said an event spokesperson. “Business is all about connections, whether you are a performer, a marketer, a salesperson, or a CEO. The Bucharest Summit brings together all players in the industry, as well as mainstream products, billing and service providers, suppliers, marketers, affiliates, and webmasters, covering all business areas.”

The show’s promoters have once again welcomed ASACP with complimentary admission.

“Bucharest Summit attracts numerous players from the live cam and streaming spaces, which like other user-generated content sites, have unique child protection and compliance requirements that our services can help with,” ASACP Executive Director Tim Henning said. “Likewise, the ad networks, billing companies, productions studios, and others in attendance provide valuable networking opportunities, enabling the association to present its message of keeping children out of and away from adult-oriented materials online, where it matters.”

ASACP uses its presence at international events such as Bucharest Summit to educate industry stakeholders while benefiting from its sponsors’ guidance and encouraging continued support. This support enables successes such as ASACP’s free child protection resources, market-specific Best Practices, and a comprehensive Code of Ethics for app and age-restricted website publishers. In addition, ASACP’s CP Reporting Tipline has now processed more than 1.25 million reports to date.

At the pinnacle of ASACP’s achievements, its RTA (Restricted To Adults) meta-labeling system helps prevent children’s access to adult-oriented web pages and apps.

“One of the association’s top goals while attending events is to encourage the universal adoption of our RTA technology,” Henning explained. “This free and easy-to-implement tool makes a real improvement in the online safety of underage and other sensitive audiences, and being able to explain the details to a wide range of top management and technical personnel is an invaluable aid.”

“Another top goal for us at the Bucharest Summit is to raise awareness of ASACP’s new Content Creator membership opportunity,” Henning added. “It is a perfect venue for this vital initiative, as it draws a broad international entourage of models and digital artists who are ready to take the next step as business professionals on their content creation journey.”

ASACP’s Travel Sponsor, DialXS, is generously underwriting Henning’s airfare and hotel accommodations in the venue city of Bucharest, providing much-needed assistance to the association’s international outreach efforts.

“We are grateful to DialXS for enabling our global outreach,” Henning concluded. “Without their much-needed support, our one-on-one facetime with international business owners, front line operators, and other stakeholders would be extremely limited. We also appreciate the insights and guidance the association receives from this experienced company.”

To learn how your company can protect itself by protecting children or schedule a meeting with Henning in Bucharest, email


Founded in 1996, ASACP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to online child protection. ASACP comprises two separate entities, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection and the ASACP Foundation. ASACP is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization that manages a membership program that provides resources to companies to help them protect minors online. The ASACP Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization responsible for the CP Reporting Tipline and RTA (Restricted To Adults) website labeling system.

ASACP has invested 27 years in developing progressive programs to protect minors, and its relationship in assisting the digital media industry’s child protection efforts is unparalleled. For more information, visit